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<Entrepreneur [en·tre·pre·neur] Risk-taking businessperson. Somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.>

Entrepreneurs are dreamers, visionaries and risk-takers. If you are a TRUE Entrepreneur, you see things bigger and better than they really are - you see the unseen! When someone hands you lemons; you don’t just make lemonade, you see the chain of lemonade stands. There is no greater professional reward than to watch your product or service grow from an idea to a mature and successful enterprise. Because your vision is bigger than any job, you feel that you can’t work for anybody else. You crave independence and freedom. Rules were made to be broken; and boxes do not exist for you. You are an artist and your business is your canvas. You are your own boss!

The very reasons that drive you to launch your own business can be the very factors that cause its demise. While there is an art to delivering your product or service, there is a very specific science to launching a business successfully. Violate the rules and the punishment can be costly. Loss of money and control are two penalties that immediately come to mind. However, this does not have to be your destiny. Your business can take off and ascend like a rocket if you embrace the two words that most entrepreneurs abhor…the two most hated words in the entrepreneurial language; ‘written’ and ‘plan’. Planning is FUN! Have you ever planned a vacation, a trip or special event? Did you enjoy it? Well, the same can be true for business planning too.

Embrace the science and the art will blossom! Launch your business and your life will be everything you imagined it would be.

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