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A lifelong entrepreneur and business owner, Carl Gould has been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial community globally. Carl is an award-winning coach and business mentor. Carl has teamed up with #1 International bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Steven Covey on their latest book project, Blueprint for Success. With 90 independently-owned-and-operated offices worldwide, Carl has created the farthest reaching business mentoring organization in the world. Carl and his team of mentor coaches have overseen the development of thousands of small businesses on six continents; and have conducted over 50,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs. Energize your business event by having this successful and dynamic entrepreneur share with your attendees!

What Every Business Needs To Be Successful

An Inspiring Vision

A business will only go as far as the vision of the founder. The most common cause of a ‘stuck’ business is some lack of alignment with its original vision.  Either there was no clear and inspiring vision to start with, the vision has run its course and has been realized, or you simply got off track. When there is no clear and inspiring vision, the business will spiral downward.  Every successful business needs a clear and inspiring vision. Learn the three simple steps to developing a clear and inspiring vision.

Gain Recognition As an Expert in Your Field

Nine out of ten businesses will fail within the first ten years.  The one success story usually emerges because they have successfully branded themselves and have become recognized as experts in their industry. If you are hoping to build a mediocre organization, then this topic is not for you.  If you would like to build a successful business that develops and sustains profitability, then this topic is a must!  There are specific strategies that will catapult you to the elite in your field. The rewards for mastering these strategies are huge.

Gather a Team Aligned Under a Common Mission

Imagine for a moment that your business is a rowboat and all of your employees are in the boat with you.  If you gave them an oar and asked them to row, would they all automatically know in which direction to paddle? Would the boat move at all? Would it spiral? Would those in the boat begin arguing in which direction to go? Would they agree on their roles?  Having an aligned team who embrace the mission of the business will insure that everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction. Ultimate business success requires an aligned team.  Anyone rowing the boat in a different direction, no matter how skilled a paddler they are, stifles the growth of the business.   Understanding what motivates your employees is key to having an aligned team.

Run Your Business So It’s NOT Running You!

When asked, “How’s business?” the BOE (Business Owner-Entrepreneur) will typically sigh, place his or her hands in their pockets, take a step back and say, “Busy.”  This body language is code for overwhelmed and frustrated.  Overwhelmed because the BOE feels he or she needs to micro-manage and control every aspect of the business; frustrated because he or she doesn’t know how to effectively let go and manage the business, as a business system, instead of a job.  The BOE’s answer to becoming more productive is to work harder. Working harder is not the answer, working smarter is! Becoming more productive is about leveraging your personal strengths and empowering others to utilize theirs.

Learn how to use the DISCoverY Multiplier™ to get more done in less time.  Become the Master Entrepreneur you always dreamed of being. There is a science to working smarter and this system will help you to understand the keys to being more productive and less overwhelmed.

7 Stages To Building A Million Dollar Business

Every successful business goes through 7 Stages of development. These stages cannot be skipped; and you cannot buy your way to the top. Success in business is earned. There are many myths as to what it takes to grow a successful business. After conducting more than 50,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs and executives from around the world, I have observed what successful businesses do and what unsuccessful businesses fail to do. The rules of successful entrepreneurship have changed over the past thirty-five years. What drives a business over the seven figure mark has shifted…massively. It has been said that “if you can’t measure something you, you can’t change it.” What if you learned that 72% of what drives the value in your business is immeasurable and intangible? Building a successful business in the 21st century requires you to measure the immeasurable and improve the intangible. You as a business owner, are the first generation of entrepreneur that must deal with this cold, harsh reality.

During this presentation, Carl will reveal the navigation tools that you will require to achieve ultimate success in your business. In our current economy, your idea, service or product, is worth millions. There is a market for every produce or service. The key to building a million dollar business is understanding the 7 Stages and how to navigate your business through them successfully.

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