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Entire Blueprint for Success Package only $69.95

Your Business Blueprint for Success Package

Do you want to?

  • Unlock your potential
  • Turn your life around
  • Remove mental blocks to success
  • Be the success you were meant to be

If your answer is yes to any one of these, you need to read this book! Carl Gould, Ken Blanchard and Stephen R. Covey share their secrets in this book about how you can take your life and business to the next level!

Blueprint for Success Book
2 Audio CD-set
Downloadable Blueprint for Success Workbook

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CD - Only $9.95

Uncover the Hidden Value and Untapped Potential in Your Business

Do you know what season your business is in? If you know the answer to this question, you can take specific action to improve your productivity and results. A creative concept that will take your business to the next step, Carl’s message on this CD will enlighten and instruct you. The right actions at the right time can make all the difference in your business!

Uncover the Hidden Value and Untapped Potential in Your Business CD

Disc Assessment

DISC Assessment test and 1 hour discussion with Certified Coach $250.00

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Discovery Behaviors Coaching

Discover the intangibles that are behind the tangibles! The DISC Assessment test is a world-renowned behavior assessment that will help you know yourself and others better. Taking the DISC Assessment and then discussing it with one of our certified coaches will help you and all your team members work better together as you learn to recognize and utilize the strengths that each one has. More than just taking a test, the discussion with one of our certified coaches will give you a deeper understanding and awareness of how the results apply to you and your business.

Take the DISC Assessment test and then discuss it with one of our certified coaches.

Bevahiiors discovery performance

DISC Assessment test and 1 hour discussion with Certified Coach $250.00

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Behaviors Discovery™ Performance

Behaviors Discovery™ Performance will tell you how you will act in both normal and stressful situations. By knowing these tendencies, you will be able to monitor and adjust your actions to meet the demand of the current environment. These four dimensions are quantified and compared to comprise your DISCoverY™ Performance profile. You are a unique blend of all four of these behaviors.

values assessment

Take our Values Assessment and speak with one of our Certified Coaches Today! $350.00

Discovery Priorities Coaching

Uncover Your Hidden Assets

DISCoverY™ Priorities will help to tell you the whys behind your behavior and choices you make. DISCoverY™ Priorities will help you identify and understand the motivating factors behind your actions.

DISCoverY™ Priorities uncovers the relative importance of six basic priorities or what you value in your life. It is these priorities that initiate our actions and behaviors. These are often considered the hidden motivators for the actions we take and the paths in life we choose.

DISCoverY™ Priorities uncovers your individual uniqueness and helps you to understand why we have the tendencies to move towards certain specific actions and why we tend to move away from other activities in our personal and professional lives.