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We are often asked what we mean when we refer to the “hidden value” in a business. It is quite simple really; the “hidden value” is the untapped potential that resides in you, the owner, and your employees. Well, you might be wondering, if it really is that simple, then why don’t more businesses understand how to “tap into” that potential?

Every business and business owner has strengths and blind spots. The two are very much related. As we go through our DISCoverY™ process with each business owner, we help to develop a success-focused 7-Stage Success Cycle™ for that business. This 7-Stage Success Cycle™ focuses on what action will help deliver the business owner his or her definition of success.

7-Stages: Small Business Success Revealed

  • Stage 1: Strategic Planning Stage –The dream is born and the business begins. The owner and creator are very much involved in defining the business.
  • Stage 2: Specialty Stage – Work needs to begin here. The product or service is produced or delivered. You are the specialist. In all practicality, you “own” a job, and as a result, the business owns you. The success of your business is directly related to your day-to-day involvement.
  • Stage 3: Synergy Stage – In order to grow, you need to duplicate – systems, tasks, people – you can’t continue doing it all on your own and expect business growth.
  • Stage 4: Systems Stage – A true business is born. You are on a roll now. You need more structure, accountability, processes, and people who are trained to understand and implement them.
  • Stage 5: Sustainability Stage – A franchise is born. Now that the structures, processes, and systems are in place, the business can run without your direct involvement. Now you can duplicate and expand your business!
  • Stage 6: Sale-ability Stage – An asset is born. Your business is so successful, you can sell it if you want, and it has all the aspects of a success story.
  • Stage 7: Succession Stage – A legacy is born. Clicking now on all cylinders, you have choices, sit back and enjoy the ride!

If this all seems a bit too brief – it is. We have just highlighted the basic information that will encourage you to start looking more deeply at your motivations and interests. To determine your business stage, take our FREE Business Discovery Survey which will provide you the essential information you need to navigate your business to success. You will also receive a FREE consultation with one of our certified CMT Mentors.

The Carl Gould 7-Stage Success Cycle
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