No one person is all things to all people. Your business MUST be all things to your customers or you risk losing them.
The personality of the business will mirror the personality of its owner.
Owning a small business for more time and freedom is like having children so you can get more sleep!
Stage 3 is the graveyard for most small business.
Sometimes results take time and you dont always see the outcome right away.
When turning a business around, you need to make some difficult choices, First and foremost, you must realize that you cant bring everyone with you and you cant drag your employees across the finish line, they must hoist and carry you across the finish line.
Next Level: I need to take my Business to the Next Level! New Business: I have an idea for a New Business. How do I get started? Franchise: Help my franchise location reach its full potential. Back on Track: How do I turn my business around and get back on track?
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Fellow Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Over-Achiever,

I want to congratulate you on the brave step you are about to take in either launching, growing, or turning your business around. If you’re reading this letter or visiting our website, it is because you are the type of person who wants more that whan you already have. I have helped thousands and thousands of business owners on six continents, in over 35 countries, realize their dream of successful business ownership. Every successful business goes through '7 Stages'. These '7 Stages' are simple and easy…if you are committed to achieving more.

I have bought, built, and sold businesses throughout my career. I have coached and mentored thousands of people and have helped them achieve greater success. There is a clear path a business owner can follow to success. Your vision can become a reality by following this path!

I was once locked in a ‘Stage 2’ business where I essentially “owned” a job; the company ran me and I was totally stressed and frustrated. Ultimately, I turned it around and you can too. I now run my company and I loooooove what I do. My business operates just as well, and if you ask my staff, even better, when I am not around. Following the '7 Stages' has allowed me the time and resources to share with you the secrets which have benefited others.

To your success!

Warm Regards,

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Carl L. Gould
Founder and President

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